From hospitals to clinics to care centers, feeding the sick and those who treat them is a large undertaking that requires a lot of help. Enter Elevation Foodservice Reps. We can assist you in finding the best cafeteria equipment and meal plans for both your patients and healthcare professionals.

HACCP Compliant Kitchen

We can help you build or update your HACCP-compliant hospital kitchen layout. We are well versed in the principles of HACCP and understand food safety management systems.

StoreSafe Evaluation

Your daily receiving, storing, preparation, holding and transporting, serving, cleaning, and sanitizing can be safe and efficient and reduce food waste with the right systems. We can evaluate your current equipment and procedures and apply our deep knowledge of healthcare food services to customize solutions for you.


You want all your food to be received at the proper temperatures and stored within 15 minutes for optimal food safety. We evaluate your receiving, storage, and rotation practices and can make recommendations on how to improve your processes for best practices and HACCP compliance.   

Retrieval Systems

A fully-enclosed cart ensures that the highest food safety standards are met, especially in a hospital kitchen. Our retrieval systems feature solid walls, sturdy doors, and quiet wheels. They are easy to clean and come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Contact us to request a product demo.


We offer a better use of space through proper storage systems and storage containers. You can add as much as 33 percent more space to your current areas with stackable storage containers which also extend product freshness. Better storage will also improve your inventory management creating near immediate cost savings.


Our food prep equipment includes slicers, mixers, steamers, combi-ovens, rapid cook ovens, and more. We can advise you on the best equipment for your budget and processes to optimize your food preparation.

Food Holding and Transport System

Whether you are transporting food from the kitchen to the cafeteria or the kitchen to the patient, you want it to stay fresh and at temperature. We make transport easy and reliable with our insulated and temperature-controlled carts. Our carts come in multiple sizes and have been engineered to be quiet and efficient. From wheels that are near silent to the sturdiest construction, we deliver quality carts that make your transport system as effective as possible. Contact us to request a product demo.

Meal Delivery System

We understand the equipment you need to execute meal delivery. We know how to fix your most continual problems. We’ve seen a lot of kitchens, we know what works, we understand the requirements.

Serving Systems

We offer a variety of serving components for cafeterias and kitchen serving lines.

Kiosks & Serving Carts

Keep staff and visitors on site with vending carts and kiosks that can be configured to your needs to store hot and cold food. Contact us to request a product demo.

Hot trays

Your patients don’t want food that looks institutional and neither do you. Our manufacturers have contemporary designs for meal ware that is aesthetically pleasing while insulating the food to maintain the optimum temperature.

We work with you to uncover the specific obstacles to hot tray delivery through a service audit that pinpoints the areas of opportunity.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

We offer a full line of handwashing sinks, three-compartment sinks, commercial dishwashers, dish racks, tray-drying racks, and dollies. Contact us to request a product demo.

Healthcare Kitchen Equipment and Tools

From trays to dish carts, dishware to dish dollies, and carts to tumblers, we have everything to make your cafeteria run smoothly and efficiently. Whether you have a new kitchen or a kitchen that is updating, we can make recommendations on the most efficient means of producing, plating, and delivering a hot meal to the patient. Contact us to discover the most innovative solutions to suit your needs.

Why Work With Us?

With an extensive list of hospital food service equipment to nursing home kitchen supplies, we specialize in healthcare foodservice. With us, your facility will get all its questions answered. We can help you be more efficient in patient tray line set up, meal delivery, transport, and retrieval. We have meticulous follow up with our customers and provide exceptional customer service. Our business is understanding the intricacies of your foodservice business and working with you to make your foodservice more efficient and cost-effective.