Elevation Foodservice Reps is the contracted “factory” vendor for the top foodservice brands in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming.


Mission & Vision

We commit every day to the betterment of our customer experience by imparting an understanding of their needs, knowledge of our brands, the connection to and within our industry, and an unwavering goal of bring excellence to the marketplace. Representing the “Best in Class” brands gives us the tools to solve complicated issues in all aspects of every foodservice operation.

Your Industry Leading Source for Top Foodservice Brands in the West

Military bases, school systems, healthcare companies, cannabis cultivators, correctional services, restaurants and hospitality providers across the West all choose Elevation Foodservice Reps to acquire the best products for their commercial kitchens, including CAMBRO trays, Steelite plates, Walco flatware, and Turbochef ovens.

CAMBRO Plays Business Matchmaker

Elevation was founded in 2010 based on the principles that define our industry: trusting relationships, hard work and the enjoyment of foodservice. But we owe our start to a single leap of faith by Greg Fischer, Executive Vice President of CAMBRO.

When Walco representative Ron Gallman came to Fischer proposing that one foodservice vendor represent most of the western territories, Fischer suggested that he pair up with longtime sales expert, Rich O’Brien. We take pride in knowing that one of the biggest foodservice vendors willed our firm into existence, in the middle of a chaotic recession no less.

Seizing a Perfect Opportunity

Our co-founders and Managing Partners, O’Brien and Gallman had been working in foodservice for years before establishing Elevation Reps. Although they had never collaborated before, the two brought decades of experience to the complex business of selling various brands across multiple states.

Why Forming Elevation FoodService Reps Made Sense

Many foodservice manufacturers like Carter-Hoffmann, Blodgett, and Pitco, do not have sales support or market penetration in many regions. And from the consumer side, it was difficult for foodservice providers to get manufacturer representatives to create custom solutions for them. Creating a foodservice representative firm in the West helped both sides get what they needed.

Thirty-five different lines now trust Elevation to sell their products across the West. Most of Elevation’s sales staff travel more than 35,000 miles per year to support our customers. To Elevation, it’s about going the extra mile.

Growth Through Building Relationships

To that end, we have been hard at work to expand Elevation’s reach. Three years ago, we grew our sales territory by merging with Jeff Crossley, a 20-year foodservice sales veteran based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s one of many associations that we’re proud to have established. We believe that building strong relationships with people is the key to success.

Setting our sights firmly on growth, we focus on the needs of our customers throughout each territory, as well as the vision of our factories. Starting from our one-room office in 2010 to the state-of-the-art Culinary Experience Center we opened in 2018, the journey has been amazing.

Continued Innovation  

With more than 18 staffers and dozens of different factory lines, we are happy with our growth but know innovation is the key to further expansion. We are currently forging new partnerships within the cannabis industry, as foodservice’s expertise and equipment can bring cost-savings and efficiency to cannabis entrepreneurs.

What’s next?

Our vast experience helps us know what it takes to be a great partner. We want to be your go-to solution. We want to answer every inquiry you have about operations and foodservice. Most of all, we want to foster an environment of winning for your team and ours.

Learn more about us by viewing our territories, coming to an event or signing up for our email newsletter.