We’re Back, Baby! Here’s What That Means For Our Clients

Jun 10, 2020 | Test Kitchen

Summer is in full swing and our team is back in the office. Though we’ll miss those fun Zoom backgrounds and emailing in our pajamas, we’re excited to return to work and help our clients face to face. Being back in the office also means our state-of-the-art test kitchen is open and you can schedule a demonstration.

That being said, it’s important as ever that we follow strict guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) so that our employees and clients stay healthy. Read on to learn how we keep operations running smoothly with deliberate safety precautions.

Thorough Hazard Assessment

Before our employees returned to their desks, we conducted a hazard assessment to identify places where potential COVID-19 exposure could occur, like in close-quarter spaces and common areas (bathrooms and hallways). We also drafted an action plan based on our hazard assessment. We designed this plan based on our assessment as a framework that employees can refer to in the case of exposure or suspected exposure.

Remove Communal Items

We had to say goodbye to our coffee pot, break room tables, and shared magazines. These items get touched frequently and it’s challenging to keep track of who used what and when. To avoid the possibility of spreading germs, we’ve removed these items from our office and encourage our employees to carry hand sanitizer and avoid touching their faces.

Require Employees To Stay Home if Sick

If any of our employees are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, we let them stay home, no questions asked. They are to conduct a self-quarantine for 14 days after their symptoms first arose and keep our team updated as to their progress.

Frequently Disinfect Surfaces

Keyboards, telephones, countertops, doorknobs, and the like experience high-traffic, so we clean and disinfect these items multiple times throughout the workday. We use a sanitizing solution that’s at least 70% alcohol or a bleach solution made with one-third cups bleach per gallon of water as recommended by the CDC.  

Test Kitchen Safety Precautions

The test kitchen is one of the best ways to experience our manufacturers’ many products. Be sure to fill out a demo request form to schedule a visit and try our equipment first hand.

We want our clients to feel comfortable and safe when they visit our test kitchen, so we’re taking the following precautions:

  • Limit attendees to less than 10 people per demonstration.
  • Require attendees to wear masks and gloves while at our facility.
  • Have attendees wait outside and call to be let in to avoid crowds congregating at our entrance.
  • Disinfect products and frequently-touched surfaces before and after each demonstration.
  • Require that attendees bring their own unopened ingredients and discard leftovers promptly.
  • Request that anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms reschedule their demo appointment.

If you are still practicing social distancing, we understand. Feel free to check out one of our many demo videos to see our products in action.

Elevation Reps Is Here For You

We’re eager to help you get your operation back on track. Talk to us about your needs. Our experienced representatives can make recommendations tailored to any kitchen. Remember to take advantage of our test kitchen and request a demo by clicking here.