Try Out Your Dream Foodservice Equipment At Elevation Reps’ Test Kitchen

Jun 18, 2019 | Foodservice Industry, Test Kitchen

You’re in the foodservice industry and you need to turn out hundreds of hot meals a day. You want to know how particular foodservice equipment advancements would make your kitchen more productive and profitable. You also need to try equipment and products out first before you purchase them to be sure they are right for your kitchen. That’s why we created a state-of-the-art test kitchen so you can demo any product we represent.

About Our Test Kitchen

The Elevation Reps test kitchen opened in January at our Denver office at 4925 E. 38th Avenue and it has been a  busy place ever since. Almost every product from every brand Elevation Reps represents can be tested in the kitchen; each in many different ways.

Our Director of Culinary Howard Lewis explains that the current test kitchen schedule has the Elevation Reps culinary team doing at least one product demo every day (and sometimes two at once, depending on demand).

Can You Test Every Product in the Kitchen?

Yes. At the Elevation Reps’ Test Kitchen, you can demo everything from ovens to charbroilers to fryers, and beyond. You can also see refrigeration units, sinks, hoods, and ice makers. We even have a nifty outdoor hand-washing unit on site, just in time for summer.

If we rep it, we can show it to you. Just be sure to contact us in advance with a demo request so we can make sure what you want to see is available.

Test Commercial Foodservice Cooking Appliances

While you can test anything in our kitchen, Howard finds that he is often demoing all-in-one cooking appliances, such as the TurboChef Ventless Rapid Cook and Double Batch ovens, the Blodgett Hydrovection oven and the Middleby Marshall CTX infrared conveyor oven. They are very popular products. And for good reason.

The Blodgett Hydrovection combines traditional convection oven capabilities with the option of adding up to 100 percent humidity for extra moisture. So far Lewis and the culinary team have roasted meats, steamed veggies, baked cakes, and made perfect hard-boiled eggs in the Hydrovection. Lewis has also grilled steaks and chicken, toasted bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches, and even baked cinnamon rolls in the CTX Infrared.

CTX Infrared Oven

Save Time In Your Commercial Kitchen

TurboChef Ventless Rapid Cook Oven

Our test kitchen also gives you the opportunity to experience how quickly you can cook your menu items.  “At the request of a chef, I heated French Onion soup in the TurboChef i3 in just over two minutes,” Lewis says. “I have seared and roasted six portions of salmon in three and a half minutes and baked a 14-inch, self-rising crust pizza in three minutes. Last week I fed fifteen people a variety of toasted sandwiches for lunch, by myself, using the TurboChef Double Batch.”

There’s also a Southbend double-deck, over-fired infrared broiler and a Middleby Marshall conveyor oven available to try.

Beyond ovens, the Elevation Reps Test Kitchen has a Pitco Fryer battery with built-in filtration to demo. There’s also a variety of Hamilton Beach blenders, juicers, and vacuum-packing machines. We even have all the latest products from CAMBRO, including an outdoor handwashing station that’s perfect for off-site catering jobs where running water isn’t available.  Don’t forget standby classics like GoBoxes, GoBags, Camshelving, and Pizza Dough Boxes (made specifically for proofing or storing fresh dough balls).

How Can I Schedule A Foodservice Equipment Demo?

It’s as simple as filling out a demo request form. While we understand you are busy and may just want to drop in when you have a free moment, we prefer that you make an appointment at least one week in advance.

Sometimes our culinary team may host an open house specific to one manufacturer’s equipment and do a general industry invite. We may also do after-hours events, scheduled by special arrangement.

Do You Have A Stocked Pantry?

For the best end result, we prefer that chefs bring their own food to test, but we can provide the raw ingredients on request.

What’s the Most Requested Foodservice Demo Request?

Pizza has been our number one tested food item, probably because restaurants are always looking for ways to cook better pizza, faster. We have several options and can help you find the one that’s right for your commercial kitchen.

One side of our amazing test kitchen.

When Is the Test Kitchen Open?

The kitchen is available for demos Monday through Friday during our regular business hours, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. Please contact us if you want to schedule an after-hours demo.

The Test Kitchen Is Located In Denver?

Yes, right here in our Denver office at 4925 E. 38th Ave. If our test kitchen is too far of a journey from where you’re at, we can send you a product sample upon request. Still, we recommend you make the trip to our kitchen. We love meeting new people and showing off our great selection of products.

Your Foodservice Reps

We are committed to improving your customer experience by understanding your needs, being knowledgeable about our brands, and having deep connections to share throughout the industry.

Let us help you find the right solutions for your foodservice kitchen. Schedule a demo and come talk to us about your foodservice operation. We’re here to help.