Tips & Equipment To Make Your Labor Day Foodservice A Success

Aug 22, 2019 | Foodservice Industry

As Labor Day quickly approaches, restaurant owners and managers are preparing for public celebrations of the holiday. Whether you’re a food vendor at a local event or hosting your own barbecue, the process can be overwhelming. Here are six tips to make your restaurant’s Labor Day barbecue a hit. 

Spread the Word About Your Event

The last thing you want is to fire-up your commercial outdoor barbecue grills without any mouths to feed. Even if you are a single vendor in a larger event, let your customers know that you’ll be there. Post flyers around your establishment, create inserts to place in checkbooks and ask your staff to inform their guests as well. You can even tell people about your event on your social media accounts, and be sure to post pictures about the event while it’s happening and after it’s over. 

Think Carefully About Your Menu

Your guests choose to spend their Labor Day with your restaurant because they like what you have to offer. No Labor Day barbecue is complete without burgers and hotdogs, but if you’re not a classic American-style restaurant, there’s no need to go off-script completely just for the holiday. Look at your menus, and decide which items will translate well to an outdoor Labor Day event. 

Some of your guests might have allergies or other dietary restrictions, so including alternatives to meat as well as gluten-free options will make your menu more inclusive and appealing to all. Commercial outdoor barbecue grills can handle lots of different cuisines. Black bean burgers or barbecue jackfruit are perfect for almost any diet and taste great right off the grill. 

Get Smart About Staffing

A busier-than-normal restaurant can put a strain on your front and back-of-house staff. If you are hosting an event at your restaurant’s location, be sure to schedule extra support to handle the higher volume. If you’re participating as a vendor off-site, make sure you have strong team members working the event, and extra hands back at your restaurant if you know you’re going to be busy. 

Bring the Right Equipment

When grilling outdoors, you have to bring everything with you including cooking utensils, warming boxes, and commercial outdoor barbecue grills. Considering the scale and volume of Labor Day events, it can be challenging to cook enough food efficiently and keep that food at the correct temperature all day long. With the right equipment, however, you can eliminate these concerns and keep your food tasting its best. 

evo Commercial Professional Series Grills

For your commercial outdoor barbecue grills, we recommend the evo Commercial Professional Series. Their innovative inner and outer gas tube burners heat the grill from underneath. You can adjust each burner independently, with temperatures ranging from 225 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, to accommodate grilling multiple menu items at once. These grills are completely surrounded by a stainless steel drip pan to catch crumbs and food debris that fall off of the cooktop. They’re also outfitted with a separate spill-over tray on one side of the drip pan to prevent too much waste build-up. Available in both tabletop and wheeled-cart designs, when it comes to commercial outdoor grill natural gas, the evo series has you covered.  

Star Grill-Max Roller Grill

Great for both cooking hotdogs and keeping them warm, the Star Grill-Max® Roller Grills with Analog Controls with Clear Bun Door is the industry’s most advanced roller grill. With holding temperatures from 145 degrees to 190 degrees Fahrenheit, and a 220-degree cooking temperature, this grill can last through any Labor Day barbecue. Depending on your needs, this commercial outdoor barbecue grill comes in 30, 50, and 75-hot dog capacities, and rollers which spin a full 360 degrees, keeping your hotdogs heated evenly all day long. 

Star Hot Food Display Case

You can display your hot food while keeping it toasty with the Star Hot Food Display Case. Show off your tasty pizzas, delicious soft pretzels, or virtually any other dish with these humidified, stainless steel cabinets. They’re designed specifically to maintain your food temperature, taste, and texture for much longer than traditional means. Each display case comes with chrome-plated wire racks, electronic temperature control, and a lighted on/off switch for simple operation. 


If you are cooking in your restaurant’s kitchen and carrying the food offsite, a CAMBRO GoBox Food Transporter can keep your food at the correct temperature while you travel. These stackable, lightweight, insulated carriers make catering any event a breeze. Complete with handles for easy lifting, they can accommodate standard pan sizes to ensure you use the space efficiently. With over four hours of holding time for both cold and hot food, the CAMBRO GoBox is one of the best ways to keep your food tasting like it’s hot off the grill.

CAMBRO Camwarmer

If you need insulation for longer than four hours, the CAMBRO Camwarmer is your solution. Simply heat the Camwarmer to 350 degrees before use, and place it on the bottom shelf of your GoBox. You can use it to preheat your food transporter before loading, and as an insurance policy if you know your staff with have to open the GoBox frequently, which can shorten its four-hour holding window.  

Dexter High Heat Spatulas

When barbecuing at high temperatures, you need grilling utensils that can take the heat. The Dexter Slotted Fish Turner High Heat Handle Spatula is made with a polypropylene handle that withstands both high and low temperatures. Its stainless steel blade is expertly sealed to its handle to prevent bacterial buildup and uphold sanitary standards. Flexible, slip-resistant, and easy to clean, you can manage food on your commercial outdoor barbecue grills with confidence and ease. 

Contact Elevation Foodservice Reps

If you’re busy prepping for your Labor Day barbecue, talk to us. Elevation Reps will help you select equipment well-suited to your event to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.