The Best Catering Equipment for Food Transport

Jan 28, 2020 | Foodservice Industry, Hospitality, Product Info

Catering can be a lucrative endeavor, but it hinges on your entrees showing up to the event at their best. Transporting meals over long distances can diminish their quality— especially if you don’t use the proper holding equipment. Read on for our top recommendations for food transport catering equipment. 

Hot and Cold Food Transportation

CAMBRO’s Ultra Camcarts for Food Pans are made with thick, CFC-free foam insulation to keep your food hot or cold for over four hours. Built with full-swing doors and four smooth-rolling casters, these holding cabinets are perfect for maneuvering from kitchen to van to catering location. 

Catering Supplies for Maintaining Temperatures 

As an “insurance policy,” the Camwarmer by CAMBRO will help keep your food toasty throughout your event. Place the Camwarmer in the oven at 350°F for 45 minutes and place it at the bottom of your holding cabinet. On the cold side, the Camchiller can ensure your cold dishes stay chilled and at safe temperatures. Simply freeze it overnight.

The ThermoBarrier, also by CAMBRO, can help you save space and allow for both hot and cold transportation in the same holding cabinet. Just slide the ThermoBarrier into one of the racks in the cabinet to separate different-temperature foods. They also work as a means to minimize temperature loss from unused space in the carrier.

These catering supplies are must-haves for food transporting over long distances. 

Electric Holding Cabinets

If you don’t like using hot plates, canned heating elements, or icepacks, an electric holding cabinet, like the CAMBRO Pro Cart Ultra, is a worthy alternative. It uses either non-radiant heat or thermoelectric cooling to protect your food integrity. Made with the same quality insulation and materials as CAMBRO’s non-electric cabinets, it provides safe food temperatures for up to four hours once turned off. Simply plug in the cabinet and let preheat or precool for at least one hour before use to ensure optimal performance. 

Food Transportation for On-Site Cooking

Some dishes require that you finish cooking them on site, they just wouldn’t be the same otherwise. Many chefs like to pre-portion and vacuum-seal entrees, allowing them to easily store and transport each meal. Once you arrive onsite, you can quickly cook and finish your dishes while preventing excess waste.

The PrimaVac line by Hamiton Beach can make meal-prep a breeze, saving time and resources as you prepare to cater an event. Each machine uses a powerful JetAire™ pump that eliminates 99.9% of the air once sealed. It even has a “soft air” setting that provides a cushion of air within each bag, protecting delicate food— ideal for transporting brittle or fragile menu items. These vacuum sealers come with 16-inch, 12-inch, or 10-inch seal bars, and include 10 custom-programmable options, maximizing flexibility and accommodating nearly any kitchen, making them an essential part of any catering equipment collection.

Ingredient Transportation

If you need to transport dry ingredients, whole fruits, and vegetables, or sauces to use at onsite catering events, CAMBRO’s CamSquares will do the trick. These durable containers are dishwasher safe, can withstand temperatures between 40°F to 210°F, and come in sizes spanning from 2 to 22 quarts. 

Beverage Transportation

The Camtainer line by CAMBRO allows caterers to transport beverages like coffee, tea, ice tea, water, and lemonade with ease. Crack, chip, and rust-resistant, and made with CFC-free insulation, Camtainers can keep drinks at their ideal temperature for up to four hours. They’re available in multiple colors and have a special place to label the beverage. Dishwasher-safe, compatible with both cube and Chewblet ice, and capable of holding between 650 and 1,000 pounds, this machine can stand up to high-volume business without skipping a beat.  

Proper access to ice for drinks during catering events can be challenging. But with the Ice Pro ice bagging bin by Follet, you can bag your own ice in-house, and easily transport the exact amount you need to your event location. The Ice Pro allows you to eliminate third-party ice vendors and take control of your own supply. 

To prevent your ice from melting along the way, simply place the bags inside of an insulated holding cabinet like CAMBRO’s Top-Loading Camcarrier. For a lighter option, consider the CAMBRO GoBox with Carrying Strap to ensure your ice stays frozen.

Why Choose Elevation Reps?

If you’re looking for better ways to transport food to and from the events you cater, talk to us. You can count on Elevation Reps to help you determine the best equipment options for your unique needs.