Steelite and American Metalcraft Serve Up Hot Dinnerware in Time for Spring and Summer

Apr 16, 2019 | Foodservice Industry, Product Info

We want to set the record (and the table) straight. Dinnerware doesn’t have to be boring. Instead of laying out plain plates, forks, and knives at your next brunch, dinner or catered buffet, try some updated plating and flatware selections from American Metalcraft and Steelite. Products ranging from rustic bowls to metal drinking straws can bring a unique flair to your indoor or outdoor table settings. Here is a rundown of the hottest trends in dinnerware from Steelite and American Metalcraft right now, just in time for spring and summer.

For Brunch

A late breakfast is good anytime, anywhere. But when the sun is out, brunch on the patio is a must. These products are perfect for any mid-morning meal under the sun.

Drinique Elite Blu Drinkware

Steelite’s new Elite Blu style of Drinque Drinkware is simply stunning and surprisingly tough. As they say: out with the old, in with the blue as Elite Blu’s trendy design adds a splash of calming, color to any spring or summer table. The best part? All Drinque products are made from Tritan™ Copolyester material, meaning they are virtually indestructible and stay clear no matter how many times they go through the dishwasher.

Reusable Stainless-Steel Straws

Drop one of these American Metalcraft Stainless-Steel Straws into a Bloody Mary, a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice or an iced coffee and watch your patrons revel in the fact that they are actually helping the environment while looking stylish. The straws come in 4 different colors and can be held in their companion Stainless-Steel Straw Basket. They are also easy to wash as they come with a straw cleaner. As caring for the environment becomes a priority to consumers, these straws are sure to be hot for all of your cool drinks.

Melamine Paper Plates

Dress up your patio and give your guests a bit of down-home, picnic-style nostalgia with these faux paper plates from American Metalcraft. They look exactly like the traditional white Dixie-brand paper plates you’d see stacked by the grill during a Memorial Day or Fourth of July cookout, but surprise! They’re made out of sturdy, durable, and easy-to-clean melamine.

For Dinner

Whether placed inside an elegant dining room or on a decadent rooftop bar, this dinnerware will make any meal complete on a warm spring or summer evening.

Marisol Rustic Dinnerware

Steelite’s new Marisol line is amazing. It features oblong, organic shapes and rich earth tones that captivate the eye and compliment many spring and summer dishes. Fortunately, the Marisol line is made from melamine, meaning it’s not just beautiful but also very durable. It’s the perfect choice for dinner on the patio or by the pool.

Isabella Collection

Elevate your spring and summer dining experiences with American Metalcraft’s Isabella Collection of Dinnerware. The line features five lovely designs perfect for either white tablecloths or the picnic table. But don’t sacrifice practicality for a little luxury: every Isabella product is crafted from melamine, so they aren’t fragile. Dinner after dinner, wash after wash, Isabella’s beauty won’t fade.

Hammered Stainless-Steel Fry Cups

With spring and summer comes hot dogs, hamburgers, and other great sandwiches. And you can’t have those without crispy, delicious fries. American Metalcraft’s new Hammered Stainless-Steel Fry Cups can turn a bundle of fried potatoes into an eye-popping, must-have side dish. Enhance your next basket of fries with this simple dinnerware addition.

For Catered Events

Make the weddings and corporate luncheons of spring and summer shine with these special picks.

Barnwood Melamine

Add warmth and convey a country ambiance with Steelite’s new Barnwood Melamine collection. Each product has the look of aged wood but features all the durable, easy-to-clean benefits of melamine (and no splinters). Compliment cheese, charcuterie or fresh crudités with these rustic serving boards that look and feel like real wood. Your guests will associate your food with authentic, home cooking when you use serving boards and risers from the Barnwood Melamine collection.

Evolution Juice Dispenser

Fresh-squeezed juice, tea, lemonade, punch or special waters (think cucumber) are all must-have thirst quenchers this spring or summer. Dispense them with ease and elegance using American Metalcraft’s Evolution Dispenser. This art deco stainless-steel dispenser looks sleek holding any beverage. Four legs elevate it for the perfect, mess-free pour. It even has an offset ice reservoir to keep drinks cold while preventing clogging or slow pours.

Renew Bambu

Steelite’s faux bamboo serving and display trays are as beautiful as they are functional. In a very eco-friendly move, they are made out of melamine but replicate the clean, fresh look of bamboo. Melamine also means they are durable and easy to wash. Configurations range from large, square boxes, to flat, pallet-like trays, to simple baskets for fruit or bread.  

Don’t wait until the dog days to hop on these trends. Talk to us today about finding the perfect dinnerware products for your foodservice operation.