Multi-unit/fast casual restaurants depend on quick, high-volume, high-quality food delivery. Reliable restaurant kitchen items and service are critical to achieving this standard.  

Make Elevation Foodservice Reps your one-stop restaurant supply. We offer programmable ovens, toasters, fryers, and beverage equipment that will keep your multi-unit and fast casual restaurants running smoothly.


Cross-Program Programmability

In high-volume operations, consistency is key. With our programmable cooking solutions, you can decide how you want food prepared and program it into your equipment. Your specifications can be downloaded across all of your equipment system-wide, ensuring that the burger your customer receives in New Mexico is exactly the same as the burger you serve them in Arizona.

Reduce Labor & Training Costs

Because programmable equipment performs most of the cooking, you can reduce your training and labor costs. When your staff is freed up from cooking duties, they can focus on customer service and other areas.

Food Consistency

Programmable equipment also ensures that the food is made the exact same way every time. This is what gives your customer the experience they expect and helps you manage costs.

Reduce Food Cost

Programmable equipment also reduces waste because the food is always cooked at precise temperatures. Errors are eliminated and consistency is maintained.


Food safety is your number one concern, as it should be. We offer a number of products that can cook and hold food within the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines.


Our refrigeration options are designed to keep foods consistently below forty one degrees fahrenheit. We also offer a number of insulated products for offsite transport to keep foods above one-hundred and forty five degrees fahrenheit.

Storage & Shelving

The quickest way to alert the health department to a non-HACCP compliant kitchen is with dirty or rusty shelving. Rust-free, easy-to-clean shelving systems are critical to keeping food safe and avoiding cross-contamination. We offer meticulous systems for shelving, storing, and labeling that keep your kitchen organized as well as HACCP compliant.

For example, Cambro offers Camguard, an anti-microbial silver ion embedded into the shelf plates that inhibit the growth of mold, fungus, and bacteria. The ions work continuously to suppress harmful bacteria and they don’t ever wear out.

Contact us to help you configure your storage areas to follow HACCP guidelines.

Book Your StoreSafe Survey

We can do a site visit and survey your establishment’s critical control points including time and temperature, cross-contamination, and handling and storage. Contact us to book your safe survey visit.


Our programmable, computerized walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer options and refrigerators can automatically run through a defrost cycle when needed. They can be programmed to pull moisture out of the cabinet so that your food stays at the perfect temperature and humidity.

For example, our Norlake Enviro-ControlTM equipped walk-ins offer highly efficient electronic controllers that are designed to increase reliability, connectivity, and food safety while reducing operating costs. You get more precise temperature control, but complete removal of ice buildup in the evaporator coils. This maximized efficiency results in shorter and fewer defrost cycles.

Control Costs and Stay Within Your Equipment and Service Budget

Elevation can present solutions that increase food quality with less time invested so you increase your kitchen efficiency.

Reduce Food Service Equipment Costs

We also have single pieces of equipment that can perform several menu operations, saving you from having to buy multiple machines. When your equipment can do double-duty, you save valuable space. We recommend equipment that can produce multiple menu items whenever possible. Ask us about the solutions available for your kitchen.

Ventless Food Service Equipment

Ventless foodservice equipment is efficient and lowers your start-up costs because you don’t have to install expensive exhaust hoods. Ventless equipment also can be moved should you need to reconfigure your kitchen, future-proofing your investment down the road.

The Right Solutions For Your Multi-Unit/Fast Casual Restaurant

With our in-depth knowledge of our products’ capabilities and experience in multi-unit and fast-casual restaurant kitchens, we can recommend the right solution for your particular challenges. Bring us your toughest questions. We love a challenge.