Senior Living Facilities: 4 Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Meal Time

Jul 16, 2020 | Foodservice Industry, Healthcare

Senior living facilities some of the most vulnerable homes to COVID-19 populations, making safe dining imperative to the health of the entire building. Read on for four tactics for safe and enjoyable meal service in senior communities. 

Create Small Dining Nooks

The dining experience is a very important part of senior living because a strong sense of community has a direct impact on residents’ health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, many residents have missed visiting their friends during mealtime due to social distancing measures and other precautions. 


Instead of keeping residents completely apart while they eat, arrange your dining room into small nooks of tables and chairs, with six feet of space between each nook. This way, two-to-three guests can gather to break bread while limiting their potential exposure to the virus.

Use Germ-Resistant Utensils

Choose dining equipment that is resistant to germ and residue build-up, like the Camwear Non-Skid Trays with Handles for Healthcare. These trays are made with slip-resistant rubber surfaces, reducing spills by keeping drinks and plates in their place while traveling to the table. Designed with comfortable handles, these Camwear trays are impact, scratch, and stain-resistant. Most importantly, they’re dishwasher safe, allowing for easy cleaning and decontamination, keeping your residents safe while they dine.

Extend Your Meal Service Options

Many senior living communities already offer room service to their residents, but consider enhancing how you offer meals outside of room service. Allow residents to choose if they’d like their meals left outside their doors or if they’d like to pick up their meal from the dining room personally. You could also set up a grab-and-go station where guests can pick up pre-packaged meals at their leisure to take back to their rooms.
For the most efficient meal delivery, try one of CAMBRO’s 20, 30, and 60-tray meal delivery carts. These carts are made from double-walled polyethylene with thick, high-quality CFC-free foam insulation to keep meals hot or cold for up to four hours. Their doors open to a full 270 degrees for easy reach-in and delivery, and its four swivel casters are designed specifically for noise reduction, making them perfect for traveling residents’ hallways.

Offer a Mobile Smoothie Cart

There’s no better way to lift the residents’ spirits while social distancing than with a delicious smoothie. You can set up everything thing you need— fruit, veggies, ice, milk, and a blender— on a wheeled cart and go door to door offering residents fresh smoothies blended right before their eyes. 

The EXPEDITOR™ 500 Culinary Blender by Hamilton Beach can handle any blending job. Designed to handle a high volume, the EXPEDITOR uses a patented Wave-Action System powered by a single horsepower motor to easily craft beverages. With a 48-ounce capacity and clear measuring lines, you can delight your residents with fresh smoothies to their hearts’ content.

Elevation Reps Is Here For You

Our seniors’ health is at risk. If you need help choosing equipment to keep your residents safe, talk to us. Our healthcare clients count on us for product solutions to keep their facilities running safely and smoothly.