New Year’s Resolutions: Increase Efficiency & Kitchen Safety While Reducing Your Environmental Impact

Dec 22, 2019 | Foodservice Industry, Health and Safety, Product Info

If improving safety and efficiency while reducing your environmental impact are part of your business’s new year’s resolutions, read on to learn how we can help you with these three initiatives in 2020.

Prioritize Kitchen Safety

Kitchen safety is essential for back-of-house operations, especially for high-volume establishments with many employees working simultaneously. 

Knife safety is an important concern, including storing and caring for the blades. Dull blades are more hazardous than sharp blades because they require more pressure to cut and can easily slip. The Dexter 3-Rod Ceramic Knife Sharpener has three different sharpening stones to handle every sharpening need from a quick touch up to restoring the factory blade. It’s designed to be slip-resistant and features easy-to-clean polyproline handles with finger guards to protect employees from cuts during use. 

Dexter‘s Cut-Resistant Gloves can further prevent knife accidents. These gloves come in stainless-steel mesh or a blend of stainless steel wire, Spectra® fiber, and specially engineered yarns and are available in multiple sizes. 


Back injuries are common in a service environment from lifting heavy objects. To make moving full glass racks, bus tubs, and other large items easier, consider CAMBRO’s Standard Service Cart. It’s made from a single piece of polyethylene to prevent breakage, and capable of carrying up to 500 pounds. This service cart is a must-have for keeping your staff injury-free even during the busiest shifts.

Reduce Environmental Impact

With an increased focus on minimizing consumption, many foodservice establishments reduce their carbon footprint with energy-efficient equipment and filtration systems. 


The Eco Ventless Rapid Cook Oven is TurboChef’s most energy-efficient oven with a single motor that vertically circulates hot air and external ventilation system. Its small design makes it ideal for crowded kitchens, and its smart menu system can hold up to 256 recipes.


Jackson’s Rackstar 66 with Energy Recovery Conveyer Warewasher repurposes captured exhaust heat and uses it to heat incoming cold water up to 110° F. This system significantly reduces energy consumption and saves money on utility costs compared to higher-water-consumption models without energy recovery.

Halton’s Ecology Air Purification System removes 95% of all smoke and grease particles from the air and minimizes cooking odors. You can install the system as a common unit or individually install it in separate areas such as a ceiling space, the roof, or a designated mechanical room. With standard exhaust reduction capabilities required for HVAC design, the Ecology Air helps kitchens meet increasingly strict code requirements and environmental standards. 

Increase Efficiency

Reduce cooking times by 30% compared to convection ovens and increase yields by 15% to 25% with a Blodgett Hydrovection Oven. Blodgett states these units are the only split-door continuously humidified ovens on the market. They can operate with hot air for baking or hydrovection for cooking with moisture, but use 80% less water than a full-size Combi oven. 

Desmon’s line of Blast Chillers can revolutionize kitchen operations from prep to storage. Blast chilling prevents bacteria build-up, prolonging the shelf-life of your products. Quickly freezing menu items also maintains their integrity because it stops the evaporation process and weight loss from dehydration. With a blast chiller, you can prep large batches of entrees at once, then freeze and store them for extended periods without worrying about food waste. This gives you more menu flexibility, reduces prep time, and saves money.

Last but not least, CAMBRO’s Storesafe Food Rotation Labels help ensure first-in-first-out food storage. These labels are durable, being both microwave and freezer safe, but quickly wash away under 30 seconds of water. With space to indicate the prep cook’s name, preparation date and time, and expiration date and time, these rotation labels are a simple way to track inventory and prevent waste. 

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