Make Everything Easier With All-In-One Kitchens and Combination Cooking Appliances

May 20, 2019 | Foodservice Industry, Product Info

So, you want to start a full-service restaurant. You’re going to need: convection or conventional oven, conveyor oven, an induction range, a toaster oven, a deep fryer, a proofer, a walk-in, a duct system. The list goes on and on, right? Wrong! Gone are the days of buying every single kitchen item just to run your business. Many foodservice manufacturers are producing amazing all-in-one kitchens and combination cooking appliances that allow you to make whole menus using just one device.

Halton MobiChef

The Halton MobiChef has officially revolutionized the all-in-one kitchen game — so much so that Halton calls it “a chef’s new best friend.” This simple rolling cart is completely ductless and runs off 60 to 100 amps of power, so it can be set up anywhere with electricity.

With the MobiChef, you can insert 39 interchangeable appliances including a griddle, a charbroiler, a fryer, an induction range, and even a refrigerated drawer to keep food cold. This means you can create a full menu, anywhere.

It’s especially perfect for catering and events. Set it up poolside or on a rooftop bar and wow your guests. It’s also a must-have for sports stadiums, golf courses, casinos, and hotels.

Turbochef Ventless Rapid Cook Ovens

The Bullet, Eco, i3 and i5 Ventless Rapid Cook Ovens from TurboChef are simply amazing. Completely ventless and incredibly small, these ovens can be placed on a countertop inside any kitchen to create an entire meal in minutes flat.

With the touch of one preset button, you can roast veggies in just four minutes, broil a stuffed chicken breast to perfection in under seven minutes, or cook an entire pork loin in seven minutes and 30 seconds. Baking a potato usually takes an hour or more in a regular oven, but with the TurboChef it needs only 14 minutes.

At 24-inches tall and 28-inches wide, the i5 is the biggest of the line but it still has a relatively small footprint. The Bullet, Eco and i3 options take up less space, but can still handle high-volume dinner or lunch rushes.

Lang Microbakery

If you need to stage, proof, and bake dough, but want to save space and time, the Lang Microbakery is a great choice. It has a staging cabinet, proofer, and convection oven all wrapped up in a small, mobile appliance.

The oven can reach temperatures up to 450 degrees while the proofer has an 80-150 degree operating temperature. A removable water pan and air circulation system ensure uniform proofing.

Clever features also make the Microbakery more efficient and easy to use. Programmable presets allow you to set and forget your proofs and bakes. The unit automatically shuts off when the door is open to save energy. A quiet fan keeps the unit cool. Aluminum and steel cooking compartments make clean up simple. Plus, a tempered glass door makes your bakes easy to see.

Southbend Heavy-Duty Counterline

The Southbend Heavy-Duty Counterline series lets you add a robust open-top range, a charbroiler and a high-volume griddle to your kitchen using just one counter. Each appliance can be removed or added to create a full-kitchen combination that takes up less space and power. You can also apply equipment stands to each appliance and move them to different areas of your kitchen. It’s all up to you.

The stainless steel open-top range comes in 2, 4, 6, and 8 33,000 BTU burner options. It features a 2-inch high insulator base for mounting to a refrigerated base, granting easy access to cold ingredients and chilled sauces.

The stainless steel charbroiler features two-sided cooking grids at 40,000 BTU per foot and can switch from radiant to briquette cooking easily. It also has a splash guard and a wide grease trough for less mess.

The stainless steel high-volume griddle offers 30,000 BTU per foot, with snap-action thermostatic controls for precise temperature settings of 150 to 400 degrees. The wide grease trough allows for quick cleaning.

Perfect Fry Company PFA Fryer

Robotically fry up french fries, chicken tenders, hot wings, onion rings, and more with the Perfect Fry Company PFA Series Automated Frying System. It is completely ventless, odorless and ridiculously tiny, meaning it can fit on any countertop in even the smallest kitchens.

It’s also very user-friendly. Programmable presents, paired with a drawer-like, front-loading basket, allow employees to simply add ingredients to the PFA and let it cook away. You’ll have delicious fried food in no time.

The best part? Fried foods render fat profits. People love crispy, hot eats and are willing to pay a good price for them. Check out the Perfect Fry Company’s Return on Investment calculators to see just how much you can make by adding a PFA fryer to your kitchen, today.

Blodgett Hoodini

Hoods can be very expensive and hard to install. But not the Blodgett Hoodini. This small, unobtrusive hood can be easily attached to any Blodgett Combi Oven to remove steam, smoke, and cooking fumes without the need for vents or air filters. It even has intuitive controls that work with any Android device.

The Hoodini uses a main fan and condenser to suck out oven vapor and turn it into water particles that flow right out a drain. Remaining vapor gets reduced through superheating and returned to the oven cavity to cycle back through the system. It’s completely self-contained, allowing your oven to be set up virtually anywhere.

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