How To Choose The Best Commercial Oven For Your Business

Feb 28, 2020 | Foodservice Industry, Product Info

Not all ovens are created equal, and that’s a good thing! Different ovens are designed to cook different kinds of cuisine, and the oven you choose for your establishment will depend on many factors like your industry, business volume, and kitchen set up. Read on as we explain our favorite types of ovens to find what’s right for your kitchen.

Commercial Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor ovens work just like they sound. They use a continuous conveyor belt to carry food through the cooking chamber, turning out the finished product at the other end.

Middleby Marshal has a wide range of conveyor ovens, including the PS540G Traditional Direct Gas Conveyor oven, which has a 40.5-inch-long cooking chamber and 32-inch wide conveyor belt making it ideal for high-volume cooking. According to Middleby Marshall, all of their conveyor ovens bake faster and at lower temperatures than traditional ovens. 

If you need to save space, consider the Middlyby Marshal Counter Top Conveyor Oven, which features a 28-inch long cooking chamber and 18-inch conveyor belt. Best of all, you can place and operate it right on your countertop without extensive renovations. 

Commercial Convection Ovens

Unlike conventional ovens that have elements at their top or bottom which radiate heat to cook your food, convection ovens use fans to circulate air internally around the food. Convection ovens are often used for baking, and many chefs prefer convection ovens because they typically have faster cooking times. 

Crown’s Marine Electric Convection ovens have a water-proof design featuring a stainless-steel interior and exterior with coved corners. Their double doors open to a full 180° allowing cooks to reach in and out easily while avoiding burns. In addition to traditional cooking settings, it also has “constant cook” capabilities. Constant cook allows the operator to set the oven to a given temperature which it maintains indefinitely. This setting is ideal for high-volume environments that continually cook menu items throughout the day. 

For a convection oven that saves on energy and labor, consider the Jet Air Convection Oven Series by Doyon. Because convection ovens cook food by circulating air in one direction throughout the heating chamber, some dishes need to be rotated half-way through to ensure they cook evenly. A Jet Air oven, however, moves the air in one direction, then stops, and moves air the opposite direction, allowing for an even bake throughout. It even comes with a steam injection system that sprays a precise mist over your products, helping you achieve the ideal crust on your bagels, baguettes, breads, and more.

Commercial Hydrovection Ovens

​Hydrovection ovens use both steam and heat to cook food. The main benefit these oven offer is versatility. Chefs use these ovens to fry, steam, poach, toast, sear, roast, grill, smoke— you name it. A wide range of capabilities means you can expand your menu to include different styles of cuisine, attract new customers, and increase your bottom line.

The Helix Series Hydrovection Ovens by Blodgett combines steam and convection cooking, are available in gas or electric, and are Energy Star certified. According to Blodgett, their hydrovection series is the only split-door, continuously humidified oven available today. Blodgett’s patented Helix™ technology works by pushing air into the oven cavity, thus eliminating extra moisture and improving the quality of the finished product. It also boasts a compact design, with a width of just 38 inches, and provides up to 20% better yields on recipes, and up to 30% faster cook times. 

Commercial Round Ovens

Round ovens are used to cook anything from pizza to baked pasta, to dessert pies and cakes. Beech Oven’s Round Oven can be custom-built to any necessary specification and are available as gas-fired, wood-fired, or a combination of gas and wood-fired. Each oven comes with standard legs and the necessary thermal insulation. Extremely flexible, Beech ovens can be used to grill, fry, roast, bake, saute, and even steam, so they can accommodate nearly every cooking need.

Electric Food Transportation

To save oven space for food that needs to stay at a constant temperature, consider the CamTherm Hot Cart by CAMBRO. These insulated carts use non-radiant heat to keep food warm on or offsite. With two fixed and two swivel casters, you can maneuver the CamTherm while ensuring stationary stability. This holding cabinet is built to provide adaptability and convenience. With chrome-plated adjustable stainless-steel slide rails, you can configure your CamTherm to fit nearly any pan or sheet with ease. 

Find the Best Commercial Oven For Your Kitchen

If you’re wondering what kind of oven is right for your kitchen, talk to us. Elevation Reps is eager to help you find the best equipment for your business to maximize efficiencies and produce delicious cuisine.