Foodservice Equipment and Cannabis Production: A Perfect Match

Mar 5, 2019 | Cannabis, Foodservice Industry

As legalization slowly sweeps across the United States, the production of cannabis and hemp is skyrocketing. Forbes reports that “the current ‘green rush’ has brought with it an intense focus on large-scale cannabis cultivation …. in greenhouses in excess of 250,000 sq. ft. that are capable of yielding more than 50,000 pounds of flower.” With that kind of volume, foodservice equipment is the perfect match for cannabis production.

What’s more, commercial foodservice tools are perfectly suited to legal marijuana production because both food service and cannabis are heavily regulated industries. From growing and harvesting crops to making marijuana “edibles” like butter, candies or baked goods, cannabis products need to be held to the same health, safety, and quality standards as the food we eat.

What kind of foodservice products can be used in cannabis production?

A number of commercial foodservice tools can make any cannabis production complete, especially when it comes to making edibles.

Stainless-Steel Pans by American Metalcraft

These stainless-steel, deep-dish pizza pans from American Metalcraft last longer than most standard retail ones. The stickiness of not only cannabis flowers, but candies, butter, and other treats, won’t wear down these mighty pans, bake after bake. Plus, they come in a number of sizes (e.g. 10”x1.5” 16″x2″) for larger or more limited batches.

Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

Bring small-batch batters to your cannabis kitchen with the PM800 8-Quart Stand Mixer from Hamilton Beach. This compact, durable and versatile unit features a tilt-back head for easy bowl access and cleanup, so sticky buds and confectionary won’t cause issues. The mixer also has seven speeds and a pulse option for any mixing style, making it perfect for creating cannabis concoctions beyond baking.

CAMBRO Camshelving

Foodservice all-stars CAMBRO have a number of items dedicated to preserving the freshness and quality of cannabis, like Premium Series Camshelving. It’s praised in the food world for giving foods more lifespan while fighting spoilage. Each shelving plate is built with antimicrobial lining, preventing the growth of fungus, mold, and other bacteria. These scientific shelves can help cannabis flowers stay fresh longer.

CAMBRO Camwear

CAMBRO’s Camwear storage containers are also geared toward freshness, making them perfect for bulk flower storage used for distillation and evaporation. Don’t let your harvest go bad. Seal in its freshness using special seal cover lids on pan-shaped, round or square units.


Make transporting cannabis from grow houses to processing facilities to dispensaries a breeze with the CAMBRO GoBox. These containers are made from a type of durable, lightweight and insulated foam called Expanded Polypropylene that holds temperatures. The boxes can hold any product at their respective temperatures for up to four hours, meaning that plants and edible products made from them will stay fresh and free from spoilage.

Why trust in foodservice?

No industry is better equipped to handle this type of high-volume production than foodservice. Just ask Cannabis Sales Professional, Rocco Iannapollo.

As a former oil and gas executive with experience in supply chains and drug testing administration, Iannapollo pivoted his career to the foodservice industry, with the sole purpose purpose to serve hemp and cannabis clients. Now he’s the Business Development Director of Emerging Channels for Tundra Food Supply in Boulder, Colorado. Day-to-day, Iannapollo sells products under the new brand extension of Tundra: Cannabis Kitchen Supplies.

To Iannapollo, the reason to have foodservice supplies in cannabis production is due to health and safety regulations. Iannapollo stresses that cannabis businesses must really know their suppliers and the chain of custody for each ingredient. Good foodservice vendors must be able to provide information about their products to health departments and even the Food and Drug Administration in light of a recall or investigation.

Rocco Iannapollo

Cannabis Sales Professional

“A good thing to have lined up is documentation requested by any of the regulators,” Iannapolio says. “If you do not have expertise in terms of compliance, it’s good to have a partner in that. Compliance is not a strong-suit that every cannabis business owner has.”

Products from CAMBRO and American Metalcraft are built for food safety compliance and durability. It’s why restaurants, government agencies, healthcare facilities, cafeterias, hotels, and professional caterers rely on them. They’re made to last in such high-stress environments and won’t be out of place in a demanding grow operation or edibles production.

Most marijuana entrepreneurs do not know how much money they can save (and potential hassle they can avoid) by using commercial kitchen wares to store cultivated marijuana, cannabis baked goods, and edibles.

How do I order products for a cannabis foodservice operation?

Talk to Elevation Foodservice Reps today. We have provided amazing products from the best foodservice brands for years. Let Elevation Reps bring these game-changing products to your cannabis operation. We’re ready to save you money while you make green.

Wait, where is cannabis legal?

As this map from shows, cannabis is technically legal in every state, except four: Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Kansas. 11 states have legalized adult-use, recreational cannabis, with 19 states allowing licensed medical usage. Eleven states have allowed the possession and use of medical Cannabidiol (CBD) products with no state-sponsored ways of distributing them, although they may have dispensaries soon.