Create Cool Summer Cocktails During Hot Summer Days With Help From Follett, Steelite, AmNow, and Hamilton Beach

Jun 1, 2019 | Foodservice Industry, Product Info

In the sweltering heat of summer, there’s nothing that thirsty drinkers want more than a delicious, cool cocktail. Recently, cocktails have become the most popular style of drink, surpassing beer and wine. A recent study shows that one-fifth of drinkers (no pun intended) prefer a cocktail over any other drink. Why? It’s probably because cocktails can be clever, complex, and cause a stronger buzz. Here’s our guide to some of the most essential foodservice products for creating summertime cocktails.

The Perfect Mixed Drink

From Piña Coladas and Daiquiris to slushy Margaritas or super trendy Boozy Milkshakes (that’s milkshakes with alcohol in them), Hamilton Beach’s efficient blenders can give you the perfect mix. Our top pick is the:


Hamilton Beach Quantum® 950 Blender

The Quantum® 950 blender is a new addition to Hamilton’s Beach line of high-performance blenders, made especially for restaurants and bars. With Endura Motor Technology, blending takes a quantum leap forward. The blender can quickly whip up hundreds of frozen cocktails during sizzling summer days. Though Hamilton Beach’s blenders rarely give out due to hard use, you can rest assured: the Quantum comes with a seven-year motor warranty (the best in the industry). The Quantum also comes equipped with Hamilton Beach’s unique Quiet Shield enclosure that lets you serve customers bold cocktails without noise. Consider the Quantum for any kitchen or bar, on any rooftop or even poolside.


Fresh-Squeezed Juice

Obviously, fresh-squeezed juice is great for any summer drink situation, but no juicy cocktail would be complete without fresh juice. Whether you need orange juice, tomato juice, lime juice, pineapple juice or grapefruit juice to complete your cocktail, use a professional juicer from Hamilton Beach. Our main choice is the:


Hamilton Beach Slow Juicer

Not so fast. Did you know you can get two times the amount of fresh juice by going slowly? Hamilton Beach’s masticating juicer takes its time to extract all the flavors from fruit or veggies for more flavor and nutritional value. The durable Tritan auger crushes, squeezes, and pulps produce to get more from each product. Fortunately, this juicer is quiet, so it won’t disturb patrons. It’s also very energy efficient, using only 150 watts of power.

Barware Delights

No cocktail would be complete without the right glass or barware. American Metalcraft and Steelite have a number of sleek new barware products made for summertime drinking. Here are our favorites:



American Metalcraft Hand-Cut Diamond Mixing Glass

Foodservice and barware suppliers know that the “vintage and retro” look is on trend. And these hand-cut diamond glasses with their cross-hatching pattern have a subtle vintage look. Swizzle or swirl together drinks of almost any size with these gems and look chic while doing it.



Steelite Minners Classic Cocktail Glass

Playing off the vintage theme, particularly the art deco bar scene of the 1930s and 1940s, this simple cocktail glass can hold a variety of drinks. Martini sippers or champagne clinkers will feel hip and elegant with this glass in hand.



American Metalcraft Antique Copper Cocktail Shakers

Combining vintage looks with the trends of natural elements and minerals, these eye-catching cocktail shakers will impress bar-goers as you mix up drinks, strain, and pour. These shakers aren’t just copper colored — they have added wear and discoloration, making them look as unique as the drinks you’re shaking.

Keep Cocktails Cool

One thing cocktails can’t live without is ice. In fact, some cocktails require different types of ice that will melt and change temperature faster or slower, making for a better drinking experience. Shaved or flake ice makes for a frozen slurry of a cocktail. Ice balls, including chewblets, are typically used for whiskeys, producing a slower melt and, which draws out flavors in scotch or bourbon. Here’s a product from Follett that can help with your ice needs:


Follett Maestro Plus Ice Machine Bin

This integrated ice machine with a storage bin can be situated behind or nearby any bar. It can produce up to 425 pounds of both micro-chewblet or flake ice, while the bin can store 75 pounds. Micro-chewblet ice melts slower than cubed ice, making it perfect for cocktails. But flake is right for slushy cocktails and frozen drinks.


Amazing Cocktail Ideas

Okay, so what kind of cocktails do customers want this summer? Here’s a list of awesome recipes to help guide you. Some customers might like a twist on an old standard, like the Cucumber Tom Collins, which adds a cool, crisp tinge of cucumber to gin and lemonade. Others might enjoy a more unique concept, including Tiki drinks made with a pungent, Nordic liquor called Aquavit (basically spice-infused vodka). The Bohemian Rhapsody pairs olive oil-infused Aquavit with grapefruit juice, berry syrup, dry vermouth, and almonds, of all things!

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