6 Ways to Become Your Football Fans’ Go-To, Game-Day Spot

Sep 1, 2019 | Fast-Casual, Foodservice Industry, Product Info

September is a special time of year for football fans across the country. For restaurants, football season is a chance to boost revenue and reach additional customers. But, customers planning to watch the big game have plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from. To make sure your dining room stays busy come kick-off time, you have to create a memorable experience for your guests. Here are our six best ways to become your football fan’s go-to game-day spot.

Host Football Trivia Night

Football enthusiasts love to talk football, so host a Football Trivia Night and offer special discounts to attract guests who are registered to play. Trivia players are more likely to attend weekly as they make friends every week. By hosting events for these customers, you can more easily fill seats, even during times when unpopular games are on.

Encourage Your Staff to Rep Their Favorite Teams

Let your front and back-of-house staff skip their uniform and wear their favorite teams’ jersey or t-shirt. When staff members join in on the festivities, it creates an immersive experience for your guests and boosts employee morale. And happy employees lead to happy customers. Your guests will sense their bartenders’ and servers’ positive energy and will be more likely to leave satisfied.

Show Multiple Games at Once

If you have more than one television, show more than one game at a time. This will help your establishment appeal to as many guests as possible.

Make Sure Your Staff Knows the Game Schedule and Channels

Imagine going out with friends to watch your favorite team, and the restaurant isn’t showing your game. Or worse, the bartender didn’t know the schedule and fumbled with the remote to find the correct channel. Though it may seem small, the amount of time it takes to find the right game and channel on TV can hurt your guests’ experience. Especially if you advertise yourself as football-fan friendly. Briefing your staff on game times and channels, or better yet, printing out a schedule, can help avoid this mishap. 

Put Up Football-Themed Decorations

Show your guests your team spirit by hanging football-themed decorations around your dining room. Football fans are notoriously territorial, so you may want to focus on decorating with your local team. But, don’t completely neglect other popular teams or players so all your guests feel comfortable and represented. 

Embrace Fried Appetizers

Watching football is synonymous with eating fried food. From nachos to chicken tenders, onion rings to buffalo wings— it’s all fair game. Build a special appetizer menu that’s only available during football games to keep your guests full and in their seats. Fried appetizers are easy to prepare at a high volume, and the menu’s exclusivity will boost the food’s perceived value.

Keep Appetizers Tasting Fresh

There’s nothing quite like the taste of onion rings or chicken tenders right out of the deep fryer. But, if you aren’t serving these dishes promptly, their flavor and texture can suffer. The Carter-Hoffman Crisp N Hold keeps food tasting fryer-fresh up to four-times longer during lags in service than traditional methods. Available in multiple sizes, the Crisp N Hold passes a gentle blanket of hot air through your food, stopping the cooking process while maintaining optimum temperature and crispness. 

For keeping nacho chips tasting their best, the Carter-Hoffman Chip Warmer is the answer. Its first-in-first-out design ensures the first chips that went in get served first, preventing stale chips from accumulating throughout a shift. Providing more space, less broken chips, and more consistent temperatures compared to a drawer warmer, this chip warmer is an easy touchdown.

Use Creative Serving Plates

The best guest experiences come down to the details, including how you plate your food. The American Metalcraft Galvanized Fry Cup’s brushed-steel look is reminiscent beer buckets at a tailgate party. Available in 10, 12, 20, and 24 oz., you can use these cups to present any number of appetizers and bring a bit of the crisp fall air indoors. 

Display Your Menu in Style

And why not place your football-themed menu in a table tent that works for your customers? The Powerbank Menu Holder by American Metalcraft can charge most phones and tablets for up to ten hours. It’s 11” by 6 ¼” frame fits right on your tables or bar tops so guests can read the menu while charging their devices all game long.  

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