6 Tips to Execute Flawless Service in an Open Kitchen

Aug 9, 2019 | Foodservice Industry

If you’re building or renovating your restaurant, you might be considering an open kitchen design. Open kitchens have been a popular trend over the last decade as they create an engaging atmosphere, and many guests enjoy a front-row seat to watch the culinary show. While open kitchens can enhance your guests’ experience, they also pose a challenge to restaurant managers because the guests are privy to your entire operation. But, with the right measures in place, your open kitchen can withstand scrutiny from even the keenest guest’s eye. Here are six tips to execute flawless service in an open kitchen.

Thoroughly Train Your Staff

Open kitchens allow your guests to see everything– the good and the bad. Extensively training your kitchen staff on food safety, cleanliness, and accident procedures will ensure that your guests are confident in the food you produce. This includes establishing a clear chain of command which will help prevent problems and confusion– both of which are noticeable to guests with an open kitchen.

Set Expectations About Guest Interactions

While closed kitchens limit potential encounters between guests and back-of-the-house staff, open kitchens significantly increase the chances that an employee may interact with a customer. Set the expectation with your back-of-house staff that they might have to talk to a guest as they go about their shift. Encourage friendliness and make sure your staff is trained on pertinent information so they can answer typical questions that arise. Lastly, make sure they are familiar with standard restaurant etiquette, and always give the guest the right of way. 

Always Maintain Composure

Busy shifts are certainly stressful environments and can cause emotions to boil over. While a closed kitchen offers privacy to let off steam, in an open kitchen, there’s nowhere to hide. It’s important to maintain composure during even the most hectic shifts so as not to leave a bad impression or make guests uncomfortable. 

Limit Excess Noise and Chatter

Just as guests can see your every move in an open kitchen, they can hear everything as well. To maintain a welcoming atmosphere for your customers, try to limit the amount of noise from utensils clanging and casual chit chat. That way your guests can easily carry on their conversations and focus on enjoying their meals. 

Install Attractive Equipment

Installing good-looking, good-quality equipment is a must for your open kitchen. Not only will your kitchen be aesthetically pleasing, but it will also produce higher caliber meals. 

We recommend Evo’s MultiZone Electric Plancha for your flat top grill. It has three independent cooking zones that you can set to precise individual temperatures with IsoBar insulation technology to eliminate heat carry over. The MultiZone’s resistive touchscreen display and sleek stainless-steel appearance allow for easy control, and quick clean up. 

Bring your guests right up to the action with the EVent Ventless Teppanyaki dining table. It’s unique design vacuums up air from across its griddle surface and passes it through an electrostatic precipitator to remove grease and smoke before expelling it back into the restaurant. You can install this teppanyaki grill in any location to provide an up-close experience while maintaining the utmost level of guest comfort.

If you’re worried that an open kitchen will expose your guests to kitchen conditions like smoke and exhaust, the CBR Capture bar will ease your mind. It’s manufactured to minimize cross draft impact, straighten convective smoke plumes, and can accommodate single island cooking appliances. Whisper quiet while running, the Capture bar will keep your restaurant’s air fresh while being virtually unnoticeable to guests.

Our last recommendation is Jade Range’s Chinese Wok Range. You can customize it to your individual kitchen specifications and control each burner individually, each with its own emergency shut-off valve. Its built-in spice tray offers convenience to your cooks, and its heavy-duty stainless-steel exterior will go perfectly with the look of any kitchen.

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