6 Tactics to Revamp Your Restaurant Bar for Flawless Service

Mar 2, 2020 | Foodservice Industry, Product Info

Your bar is a huge profit source, so building it right and managing it well is critical to your revenue. Read on for our top equipment recommendations to outfit your bar for flawless drink service.

Ice Machines

One of the most important pieces of bar equipment is the ice machine. The Maestro Plus 425 Series Ice Machine Bin has a small profile making it a perfect behind-the-bar ice machine. Measuring 23.5-inches across, the Maestro Plus can fit under your countertop and leave room for shelving and storage. 


If you’re looking for an ice machine that can handle a high volume, The Horizon Elite 710 series ice machines by Follett Ice is a popular choice. Designed to limit scale build-up, these machines use 35 – 50% less water than similar cube-type units. As a result, the 710 series offers foodservice operators superior performance at a lower price point.  


While it’s true that ice machines often require a bin to dispense the ice into, Follett Ice’s upright ice storage bins are a great match for the 710s and other ice machines. Crafted with Follett Ice’s exclusive SMARTgate technology, these storage bins limit employees’ contact with the ice while minimizing spills.

Reach-in Coolers

Choosing the right bar cooler is essential because it greatly impacts your bartenders’ workflow.


The reach-in pass-through island bar cooler by Glastender is designed for large bar areas with seating on at least three sides. The cooler creates an island in the middle of the bar area, allowing for easy reach-in and restocking from either side. 


Glastender’s glass display units allow bartenders to easily grab bottled beverages for quick service. Its outfitted with glass front and sides and stainless-steel trim to increase the product’s visual appeal. Simply fill the well with ice and stock with beer bottles to keep them cool all shift long. 


Glastender also makes a slide-top cooler that measures 24-inches deep and is available in 24-inch to 96-inch lengths. Its two sliding doors are supported by the interior walls to prevent them from slipping or falling out. These stainless-steel coolers are built to withstand heavy loads without bending or sagging and are made with radius corners, allowing for easy cleaning.


Undercounter Warewashers

While your dish pit will handle the bulk of dirty dishes, you can increase your bartender’s efficiency by installing a warewasher behind the bar so they can wash glasses as they work. The DishStar HT-E by Jackson Warewashing Systems is their highest output undercounter warewasher, able to clean 27 racks of glassware per hour.



Bar Tools

No bar is complete without the proper tools. The Dexter 3.75-inch clip point paring knife is part of their Sani-Safe product line, meaning its blade is secured fully to its slip-resistant handle, preventing bacteria from building up. It’s essential for precisely cutting fruit and garnishes to top your beverages.  


A bartender’s corkscrew is their best friend. The stainless steel corkscrew by American Metal Craft is a heavy-duty tool that opens wine bottles with ease. It’s double-winged design and luxe finish ads a touch of elegance to your bar program. 


American Metal Craft’s Antique Copper Cocktail Shakers are an elegant alternative to the common stainless steel shaker. Available in hammered or smooth copper, these shakers have a light oxidized patina that is on-trend and made to match perfectly with copper mugs for Moscow Mules.


The proper glassware can elevate your cocktail’s perceived value. Furthermore, certain glasses are designed to hold specific drinks because their shape enhances the drink’s aroma, which adds to the guests’ experience.

What better glass to pour a whiskey on the rocks into than a Rona tumbler from Steelite? Dishwasher safe, and functional, yet elegant, these glasses’ clarity brilliantly showcases your drink.



For a more refined and classic look, the Gatsby collection from Steelite speaks for itself. Its optic panel creates a unique beveled look that compliments a variety of drink choices.

Portable Bars

If your establishment does a lot of off-site catering or hosts parties on your patio, you may want to consider using a portable bar. These bars encompass all the elements of your conventional bar in a compact, easy-to-maneuver package.

The Large Portable Beverage CamBar by CAMBRO is made of waterproof plastic and features a 7-bottle speedwell, wastewater bin, and ice sink capable of holding up to 80 pounds of ice. With 6-inch swivel casters and two breaks, this portable bar transitions perfectly from kitchen to banquet hall to patio.

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