3 Tips to Make Your Hospital a Home-Away-From-Home During the Holidays

Dec 12, 2019 | Healthcare, Product Info, Trends

The holiday season is typically when we visit with family and friends. But many individuals end up spending time at a hospital, either visiting loved ones or as patients themselves. To bring these folks some good cheer, here are our three tips for making your hospital a home-away-from-home during winter celebrations. 

Decorate for the Season

One of the easiest ways to make your hospital or healthcare facility feel more like home is to decorate for the holiday season. By hanging lights, wreaths and garlands, or festive paper decorations along hallways, in doorways, and around the reception area can brighten the atmosphere and put a smile on patients’ and residents’ faces.

While it’s important to be conscious of different patients’ individual beliefs, there are plenty of non-denominational trimmings that lift spirits just as well. Many nurses and healthcare professionals have found creative ways to decorate for the holidays by using supplies they have on hand.

Make A Grab-N-Go Station for Visitors

Lots of patients receive regular visitors, and some of those visitors spend long hours with their loved one who is receiving treatment— even entire days and nights. Often, these visitors are reluctant to leave the patient’s side, making it hard for them to get regular meals. To help make their stay more comfortable, consider adding a grab-n-go refreshment station. Including simple items like fresh fruit, bagels, and cream cheese, coffee, and even holiday cookies can go a long way to make them feel more at home. 

The Toastmaster Pop-Up Toaster Series by Star Brands comes with four extra-wide slots, a 36-inch power cord, and dial temperature knobs making set up and operation a breeze for visitors. It’s sure to provide an even toast on all kinds of items from bagels and buns to frozen waffles and sliced bread.

You can keep single-serve cream cheeses and jellies cold with the Star Self-Contained Refrigerated Server. It’s designed to hold four 6-inch-deep polycarbonate pans, allowing for ample storage of chilled toppings. Made from stainless steel, inside and out, it’s easy to clean, and it’s digital temperature controls make it easy to operate as well. 

Don’t forget to include a wastebin for leftover debris from mixing coffee and used single-serve containers. The Black Melamine Table Top Waste Bin by Ameican Metalcraft is a great solution to prevent litter and can hold nearly 1.8 cubic liters of material.

Include Traditional Holiday Menu Options

Many winter celebrations center around eating and drinking with those we care about. You can bring a little nostalgia to your patients by offering traditional holiday menu items, like cranberry glazed ham, green bean casserole, and pecan pie. 

CAMBRO’s Healthcare Meal Delivery Carts are ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities because they keep food hot or cold during delivery to patients. These carts are also impact-resistant, easy to navigate around crowded hallways, and are made with two doors on either end that open 270° to eliminate the need to reach far into the back of the cart. Best of all, virtually silent to open and maneuver, allowing patients and their families to visit and rest undisturbed. 

Despite the limits of a hospital setting, you can still provide patients with an elevated dining experience. For example, you could use fresh herbs in their holiday meals. The GardenChef Herb and Micro Green Growing Cabinet by Carter-Hoffman creates an indoor ecosystem allowing you to grow greens right from your kitchen. Now you can garnish their rack of lamb with mint leaves or make savory rosemary potatoes with fresh-cut rosemary. Those small touches can allow patients to forget their circumstances for a short time during the holiday season, and beyond.

Patients on a restricted or full-liquid diet can still enjoy holiday-themed meal options with flavored smoothies like pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, or gingerbread. The EXPEDITOR Blender Series by Hamilton Beach can hold up to one gallon of liquid for bulk blending, is made with a stainless steel blending chamber, has multiple speed settings, and is built to last. 

To reduce waste from large batches of smoothies, the PrimaVac In-Chamber Vacuum Sealer Series by Hamilton Beach allows for air-tight storage of smoothies, vegetables, entrees, and more. Available in three sizes, these vacuum sealers use a powerful JetAire pump to guarantee 99.9% air evacuation and are NSF certified to ensure health-code compliance.

Contact Elevation Foodservice Reps

If you’re outfitting your hospital or healthcare facility for the holiday season, talk to us. Elevation Reps will help you select the right appliances and utensils to create a home-away-from-home during the rest of the holiday season.