3 Products To Make Handwashing More Accessible For Your Guests

Jun 29, 2020 | Foodservice Industry, Health and Safety

Foodservice operations as we knew them will never be the same. Along with social distancing measures and strict sanitation procedures, kitchens and dining rooms will increasingly prioritize a simple, yet important, cleanliness practice—handwashing.

Handwashing Will Become More Accessible for Guests and Staff

Dining rooms are opening with the promise that they’ll ensure they keep guests safe and follow proper social distancing guidelines. The problem is, as of now, most establishments only have hand sinks for guests in their restrooms. Often, the restroom only has one or two hand sinks, and their close quarters make it difficult to maintain six feet of space between individuals. 

Installing additional hand sinks outside of the restroom or even at the entrance to your establishment lets your guests clean their hands more easily.

Additional Hand Sinks for Back of House

Allowing your staff to work while keeping a safe distance from each other is just as important as it is for your guests. Instating more hand sinks in kitchens and back-of-house areas like the expo line will permit cooks and serving staff to clean their hands without waiting in line or bumping into their coworkers. The John Boos Wall-Mount Hand Sink is made from stainless-steel construction to help with cleaning and sanitizing. Available in sizes from nine inches to 14 inches, and five inches deep, these sinks keep a low profile so your staff can still easily maneuver around them.

Portable Hand Sinks Offer Versatility

Though large outdoor events are still on hold, for now, these venues were already notorious for limited access to handwashing stations. Portable hand sinks are the perfect solution. 

The CAMBRO Camkiosk Hand Sink Cart is a self-contained electric handwashing system. Requiring just a 110V electric source, these portable carts are made from durable plastic resistant to dents, bubbles, and cracks so they can stand up to frequent use. Outfitted with stainless steel double sinks, a hand soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, and 10-gallon freshwater capacity, they hold everything you need for upwards of 70 handwashings. With two swivel and two fixed casters, you can wheel these Camkiosks exactly where you need them, whether it’s an outdoor event, your restaurant patio, or even at the entrance to your establishment. 

Handwashing At Remote PickUp Points

Some foodservice operators, like cafeterias, have implemented remote pickup points so that students can still receive daily meals. If you’ve established a pick-up location away from your venue that doesn’t have access to power outlets, consider using the CAMBRO Camtainer with paper towel and soap dispenser. The Camtainer can keep water warm for upwards of four hours without losing temperature. An easy-to-operate spout lets users dispense water and clean their hands while on-the-go, all using no electricity.

Elevation Reps is Here For You During These Uncertain Times

If you need assistance during this time talk to us. We can help you find the right products and equipment for proper handwashing and to help you keep a clean environment for your guests and staff. If you need a sympathetic ear, we’ve got that too.